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Cavallino Magazine Back Issues


We are pleased to announce a new adventure for Cavallino - Automotive Art of the highest quality, chosen especially for you. 

We introduce the sculpture of James Ferrari (no relation), who creates incredible concepts in shapes we all recognize,

but on closer examination, we see actual parts from actual Ferraris, all blended into a harmonious whole. This is truly Ferrari as art.

You have your collection of Ferraris, but you need an introductory objet d'art to announce your collection to your special visitors.

These sculptures will offer a fitting tribute to your collecting wisdom and acumen. Please enjoy.

0 - James Ferrari.jpg
1 - The Ambassador Web 1.jpg
2 - Testarossa Web 1.jpg
2a - Quattrovalvole Web 1.jpg
4 - Beyhond Comprehension Web 1.jpg
3 - Tuna 348 Web 1.jpg
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