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Beyond Comprehension #1

This is pure inspiration on the artist’s part. He took a 348 bell housing as his launch pad, and from there let his mind and hands wander into the ether. It’s automotive based, that is for sure, but that large bubble of rounded forms, composed of a writhing fluid mix of smaller boiling and shimmering forms, could be…what? Possibly this was the artist’s diabolical intention, to make us think, to make us let our minds wander, to make us ruminate on all the possibilities. Like the particles in quantum physics, the only explanation here may be what you, and you alone, actually see. Invite your guests to ponder and give their own diverse thoughts and opinions.

  • 348 bell housing

  • Other parts in stainless steel

  • 2.29 ft tall (27.5”) x 2 ft diameter (24")

  • Approximate weight 53 lbs


See James Ferrari’s Art Biography.​

Rights and Pricing Information

Price is for the artwork piece only. Applicable sales tax, shipping and insurance are additional, depending on destination. Please note the sales contract will be between the buyer and Ferrari Gallery LLC. Also included will be terms and conditions regarding copyrights, etc. For more discussion about acquiring this original sculpture, please call us at 1-800-306-6937 or 561-994-1345. Or email

James Ferrari


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