250 TR Major Articles: 15 Back Issue Special Bundle

250 TR Major Articles: 15 Back Issue Special Bundle

Become an instant expert on the revered classic Ferrari. Buy now! Bundle includes 15 favorite issues of Cavallino on the 250 TR.Ships free in the US, international shipping rates apply.  One of the most iconic forms in all of racing graced the 250 TR, that pontoon-fendered creation by master body sculpture Sergio Scaglietti. There is nothing else like it. Plus, when mated with the Ferrari 250 engine and chassis, it was one of the most successful sports racing cars of all time. With both factory entries and privateer entries, the 250 TR raced everywhere and won, garnering an immense treasure trove of wonderful stories and anecdotes along the way. Each chassis has a gem of a tale to tell.  Each issue contains a major historical article on the 250 TRs, written by an expert, with historical photos, salon color photos, chassis numbers, race results, owner history, etc. (Random images and/or letters to the Editor are not included here.) Separately, they sell for $630; together, this 250 TR bundle is yours for $441.Back issues included: 67, 71, 79, 94, 105, 110, 113, 159, 166, 174, 195, 196, 209, 229, 235.Already have these issues? Consider having a working copy and an unspoiled archive copy.
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