Cavallino Cover Art Banners

Cavallino Cover Art Banners


The covers of Cavallino magazine have become as celebrated as the magazine itself - colorful, imaginative, vibrant, dynamic - capturing the sensational essence of a particular Ferrari. Choose from over 10 covers - it's Ferrari art for your walls!


We have selected a unique assortment of Cavallino covers and enlarged them to 36 inches by 48 inches, a full 3 by 4 feet. The result is a marvelous, almost overwhelming experience.


Each one is individually printed on a special 13 oz heavy scrim vinyl, with the sides hemmed all around and with grommets in each corner. Perfect for hanging, the colors are absolutely true, and the high-resolution detail is astounding. Decorate your office, your garage, your collection. Choose your favorite for that daily high.


Postage included in USA (plus overseas postage). Sent Priority Mail, rolled in a strong secure tube.


The Selection: Covers 196, 203, 206, 209, 221, 223, 224, 227, 231, 236.

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