Cavallino Issue #12 (Jul/Aug 1980) - Original, Perfect Condition

Cavallino Issue #12 (Jul/Aug 1980) - Original, Perfect Condition


Only 12 available from us. Original printing. Perfect condition. 42 years air-conditioned storage. 


Why so rare?

No. 12’s sell for $350 to $500 on the open market. Why? For the first few years, we printed only the number of issues needed for subscribers, plus a few extra for the dealers. That’s all.


As a result, we printed only 3,500 copies of No. 12. Since then, people have kept their Cavallino collections together, so none ever break loose.


Cavallino 12 Cover – Ferrari & Ginther. Make your own caption.

Commento - What Hast Ferrari Wrought?        

Ferrari’s Drivers - A Remembrance of Ferrari’s Better Drivers by Peter C. Coltrin

2643 Restored - The GTO Prototype - A Forgotten Racer by Michael Lynch

2643 Remembered - The GTO Prototype by Lou Chinetti, Jr.

Production Model Time Bar - Year by Year (to 1981) by Stanley Nowak

The Ultimate Ferrari?! - Designing His Own Ferrari by David Clarke

Two New Specials - Taking a Pininfarina Design One Step Further by Wallace Wyss

Ener Vecchi - Portrait of Ferrari’s Top Mechanic by Peter C. Coltrin

Notizie - Your Very Own 512 BBLM by Gene Babow

Notizie - New from Modena on the 126 C by Peter C. Coltrin

Book Review - Enzo Ferrari: 50 Anni di Automobilismo by Piero Casucci   

Book Review - The Colonel’s Ferraris by Doug Nye


We have 12 perfect No. 12’s available to complete your collection. Order Now!

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