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Cavallino Issue 256 (August 1, 2023)

Cavallino Issue 256 (August 1, 2023)


Cavallino issue 256, out on August 1st, 2023. 


Main feature and cover car:

1959 Ferrari 250 Interim Berlinetta s/n 1461 GT. One of the only 7 manufactured based on the 2600 mm wheelbase chassis, this car is a Le Mans veteran. It was sold new to North American importer Luigi Chinetti for his team (N.A.R.T.), and just three days after being completed wasalready in Le Mans, where it was driven by George Arents and André Pilette of Belgium. It performed beautifully and finished an excellent second in class and fourth overall. A fantastic start to a wonderful racing career. Beautifully restored in 2020, it won Best of Show Competition Ferrari at the Cavallino Classic Modena.


Main feature:

2002 Ferrari F12001b s/n 215.  A developed version of the F12001, capable of winning both the Drivers and Manufacturers’ World Championships, the 2002 F12001b was built in two units to race the early races of the 2002 season while the completely new model was still being developed and made reliable. 2001b s/n 215 ended up competing in only two races, winning the first and takingpole position and 3rd place at the second, both times with Michael Schumacher at the wheel. What an achievement!


Special Interview:

Interview with Federica Santoro, Head of XX Program and F1 Clienti at Ferrari since 2014. She is the person who manages the team that organizes the dedicated track days, around the world, where owners get to drive their Ferrari F1 and XX racing cars. An amazing job, where attention to detail, as in F1 generally, is key. And she has some fun anecdotes, too… 


One Off

Phil Hill become famous for winning the Del Monte Forest races at Pebble Beach. He was the first American to win a Formula 1 World Championship, and he did it in a Ferrari. He raced successfully both in single seaters and in sports cars, showing himself to be one of the most skilled race car drivers of his time. After retiring from racing, he created a state-of-the art restoration shop for classic cars. We take a look at his story, focusing especially on his Maranello period. 


And, as always, Cavallino brings you the voice of several editorialists, discussing a variety of topics, as well as a full list of Ferrari market values compiled by specialists analyzing the valuesand market trends of different Ferrari cars.

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