Cavallino Issue #7 (Sep/Oct 1979) - Original, Perfect Condition

Cavallino Issue #7 (Sep/Oct 1979) - Original, Perfect Condition

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Only 10 available from us. Original printing. Perfect condition. 42 years air-conditioned storage. Perfect stay-at-home reading.


Why so rare?

No. 7’s sell for $350 to $550 on the open market. Why?


When we started Cavallino magazine in 1978, we were very cautious, like very new venture. For the first few years, we printed only the number of issues needed for subscribers, plus a few extra for the dealers. That’s all.


As a result, we printed only 3,700 copies of No. 7. Since then, people have kept their Cavallino collections together, so none ever break loose.


CAVALLINO Magazine No. 7 - September/October 1979     

  • Dino 246 SP - A Look at This Exciting Ferrari by renowned expert Doug Nye, with Peter Coltrin images of the car testing at Modena. Neat cut-away drawing too.
  • 400 Superamerica - The Greatest Beast of Them All! A knowledgeable appreciation of this over-the-top model by early pioneer Allen Bishop. Spec chart.
  • Superamerica & Superfast - Part II - A Further Look at the Super Ferraris by GT expert Kurt Miska. “America” or “Fast,” their differences still added up to exclusivity.
  • The 2nd 100 Cars - The Odd-Numbered Ones, That Is, by “The Man,” Stan Nowak. A breakthrough back then, still relevant today. First 100 cars were in Cavallinos Nos. 1 and 2.
  • 1978 French & British Grand Prix by Giuseppe Bianco. On the spot reporting from “back then.”
  • Comments by Editor Stan Nowak; Letters from your fellow readers.


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