Cavallino Issue #9 (Jan/Feb 1980) - Original, Mint Condition

Cavallino Issue #9 (Jan/Feb 1980) - Original, Mint Condition

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Original printing. Perfect condition. 42 years air-conditioned storage. Perfect stay-at-home reading.


Why so rare?

Perfect no. 9’s sell for $400 to $600 on the open market. Why?


When we started Cavallino magazine in 1978, we were very cautious, like very new venture. For the first few years, we printed only the number of issues needed for subscribers, plus a few extra for the dealers. That’s all.


As a result, we printed only 3,500 copies of No. 9. Since then, people have kept their Cavallino collections together, so none ever break loose.


CAVALLINO Magazine No. 9 - January/February 1980         

  • The Carrera Panamericana - Part 1 - The Great Mexican Road Race by Stan Nowak
  • Two plus Two - Part I - Fun for Four - The 2+2 Models from Ferrari by Kurt H. Miska
  • Mondial 8 Preview - The New 2+2 - The Great 2+2 Gran Truism Tradition Lives On          
  • Ferrari 275 GTB - One of the True Sports Cars of the 1960s by Dyke W. Ridgely
  • Alfetta - An Enzo Ferrari Project by Godfrey Eaton
  • Modulo - The Wildest Ferrari - The Modulo remains a stunner by Wallace A. Wyss
  • Notizie - Fuel Injection for 1980 Ferraris
  • Comments by the Editor


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