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Quatrovalvole Prancing Horse

The new collectibles are the 3-series Ferraris, as they are all charmingly designed by Pininfarina and with true Ferrari chassis and running gear underneath. Indeed, they are also priced just right to tempt you to assemble a collection of all the variants for your own amusement and delectation. As a lead in, what could be a more perfect introduction to your passion than this Quatrovalvole Prancing Horse, with a multitude of 3-series pieces? Test your friends to see if they can identify the various parts. This gem is a conversation piece in its own right.

  • 308 air intake

  • 308 valve cover

  • 360 wheel hub

  • 308 intermediate plate

  • Miscellaneous smaller Ferrari parts

  • Other parts in aluminum

  • 4.58 ft tall (55”) x 3 ft deep (36”)

  • Rotation

  • Approximate weight 76 lbs

  • Recommended stand 30 lbs

  • This is the 14th sculpture by James using actual Ferrari parts

See James Ferrari’s Art Biography.

Rights and Pricing Information

Price is for the artwork piece only. Applicable sales tax, shipping and insurance are additional, depending on destination. Please note the sales contract will be between the buyer and Ferrari Gallery LLC. Also included will be terms and conditions regarding copyrights, etc. For more discussion about acquiring this original sculpture, please call us at 1-800-306-6937 or 561-994-1345. Or email

James Ferrari


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