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The Official Ferrari Calendar Now Ready: Mito 2017

FERRARI MYTH 2017 Now in its 33rd Edition

This yearly calendar from famed photographer Günther Raupp has something of a cult following. Each year he comes up with well composed images of 12 new and historical Ferrari GTs and racing cars, and then adds his own artistic touches in terms of colors and imaginative highlights. The beauty of his talented approach is that while he adds his own creative impression to each image, the wholeness of the Ferrari subject is retained, never overshadowed by a personal interpretation. The beauty and uniqueness of the Ferrari is therefore enhanced.

These calendars have become exclusive and much sought-after collectors´ pieces, since while the dates get old the cars never do. Each yearly calendar is numbered and globally limited to 5000 copies. The size is a grand 50 x 70 cm (20 x 28 inches approx.) in portrait format, which takes up a good chunk of your wall but it never gets dull. And every month there’s a new image to admire. It’s printed on high-quality, glossy 250 g art paper and the results are thoroughly professional.

“Ferrari Myth – The name says it all for the Official Ferrari Calendar which has been sought-after and collected by Ferrari enthusiasts throughout the world for 33 years. Ultimate, unadulterated seduction! It is with superb imagery that Ferrari Myth brings to life the fascination of the automotive masterpieces with the Cavallino Rampante, 365 days of the year.”

To guarantee the exclusive value, each individual copy of the Official Ferrari Myth Calendar is numbered and the entire circulation is strictly limited across the globe. Dispatch will take place on a first come, first served basis.

Posted price is £ 65 | $ 89.95 | € 79,90, but check for any postal costs.

The exclusive Collectors´ Edition of Ferrari Myth: Numbers 0001 to 0099 have been personally numbered and signed by Günther Raupp. Available only while stocks last. Posted price is £ 92 | $ 135 | € 119, but again check for any postal costs.

You can visit Günther’s online store here.

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