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Casa Ferrari in Carmel, CA: A Pop-Up Italian Village

Continuing on the very successful theme of last year, corporate Ferrari once again took over that old Carmel gas station and the surrounding gardens and buildings to host another pop-up Italian village, the Casa Ferrari Carmel, from August 17 to 21.

Older Ferraris were on display, one each day in the signature glass box for all to admire, as well examples of the latest models, and owners were invited to stop by and fill in the ranks with their own mounts. Which they did, as the scene over five days was never empty, with all models of Ferraris jammed in every which way. People parked all up and down highway 1 and walked to get a taste of how Ferrari does Italy and well… Ferrari.

This venue was the perfect setting for showing off the new GTC4 Lusso, as it is meant to be a family car, and the newer Ferrari owners are decidedly younger.

Italian delicacies and wines were abundantly available and guests could peruse personal Ferrari items on offer, all arrayed in tasteful settings. There was even a simulator to keep the young ones happy.

Over the Monterey weekend, Ferrari also had dealer meetings and owner meetings, with views of some future models. At Pebble Beach, Ferrari hosted their traditional luncheon overlooking the field for their special guests and sponsors.

Chart of the old Ferraris on display in Cavallino 215. Subscribe today!

Morgan Theys Images.

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