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Rare 330 GTC Speciale Breaks Cover at Cavallino 26

At the recent Cavallino Classic, one of the secret stars of the Saturday Concorso d’Eleganza was a long lost 330 GTC Speciale, s/n 8753, brought by that collector of unique and one-off Ferraris, Lee Herrington.

Virtually nothing is known about the car, except that it is a basic 330 GTC but with many additional detail modifications, performed presumably by the factory for its first owner, a Mr. Fortunato Goscé. According to Ferrari historian Antoine Prunet: “I regret that I never met this Ferrari ‘industrialist’ and do not have much detail other than his birth date, July 27, 1907 in Naples and address, Corso Monforte 2 in Milan.”

According to Lee Herrington: “So far he is another Ferrari mystery, and no one seems to know how he acquired his presumed wealth, and how he became a favored Ferrari client.”

This little-known Speciale was never recorded being seen in Europe but it did make its way to the USA eventually, and through an unknown number of owners. Its most recent owner (before Mr. Herrington) had the car locked away for decades until Mr. Herrington was finally able to purchase the car. He had Rare Drive do one of their superb restorations, making sure that all those precious alterations were retained.

It caught the eye of all the attendees on Saturday, as it was displayed in the middle of the upper lawn and appeared to be an ordinary 330 GTC. What was it doing in that exalted position? Closer inspection brought the answer, as enthusiast after enthusiast poured over the car, noting all the unique and agreeable details.

The judges were impressed as well, as this Speciale took home a Platinum Award, and then a very Major Award - the La Coppa per Dodici Cilindri, for the finest 12-cylinder Ferrari on the field.

Images courtesy of Michael Gregg.

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