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A Quiet Cabriolet Receives Recognition at Cavallino 26

The Series II Cabriolets are often overlooked by their more glamorous Series I predecessors (and the concurrent Californias) but they were designed to be a more sedate looking model for the gentleman sportsman. But even with their reserved looks, they were “all-Ferrari” underneath.

This particular 1960 250 GT PF Cabriolet Series II, s/n 2135 GT, made its appearance at Cavallino 26, and was given a prominent position on the upper lawn. It was brought by Joseph Schlesinger, who purchased the car in 1977. Not much is known of it history, other than coming into the USA through Chinetti, but it’s all there and all correct with matching numbers, etc.

It went through a three year restoration with Jack Farland at Farland Classic Restoration of Englewood, Colorado, and the impressive results brought the car numerous awards – first a Platinum, then a special new Major Award at the Classic, the Wayne Obry Memorial Cup for the Ferrari Displaying Outstanding Restoration Quality and Challenge. This new award is in honor of the late Wayne Obry who, from the very first over three decades ago, was instrumental in establishing that Ferraris should be both accurately restored and beautifully restored. It was awarded by Wayne’s company Motion Products, and presented by principals Debbie Obry and Bill Murphy.

Then this Series II Cabriolet went on to brave the rainy weather at Cavallino Sunday at Mar-a-Lago the next day and took home an Excellence in Class. Altogether a good weekend for Mr. Shlesinger and s/n 2135 GT.

Images from Michael Gregg, David Brady and Peter Singhof.

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