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NK Collections Launches Automotive Scarves

Katee Waller is a good friend of Cavallino, since she has been working for many years as one of the intrepid staff that puts on the impossibly successful Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (yes, that Concours – they have taught everyone how it’s done).

In addition to this fame, she is married to recognized artist Nic Waller, and together they have acted as consultants for international Concours and racing events, spending many years visiting car events such as the Pebble Beach, Goodwood Revival, Chantilly Arts et Elegance, Rétromobile, TechnoClassica, Barret-Jackson and others.

They noticed a barely populated market for high-quality scarves to appeal to the thousands of visitors to these events each year. Filling a gap in the world of collector car accessories, car-themed luxury scarves are ideal for the many events filling the ever-increasing car enthusiast calendar, says NK Collection founders, Nic and Katee Waller.

“People who frequent these events, of which there are many around the world, are often looking for items to complement their collections or that represent the cars that inspire them. Hence the birth of the collection names such as On Your Marque, Girls and Grilles and Car Country”, says company designer, Katee Waller.

The scarves feature luxury fabrics such cashmeres and silk and car illustrations by Nic Waller, whose masters in fine art and encyclopedic knowledge of post-war British marques made him uniquely suited to the task. Other design inspiration is provided by grilles of popular marques and cigarette card art.

Illustrated below are:

  • On Your Marque Ferrari

  • On Your Marque Alfa Romeo

  • Car Country Italian Coachbuilt Cars

  • One of the Girls and Grilles scarfs

The scarves are available online at or through like-minded stockists at your favorite automotive event.

UK Contact: Nic Waller Ph: +44 07875516817

US Contact: Katee Waller Ph: 831 620 1860

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