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Indispensable Value Guide to Ferraris Produced

Cavallino is the only media outlet that provides a complete list of all the sports and GT cars produced by Ferrari, including:

  • Years Made, Model Type, Engine Type, Number Made, Chassis Range, Brief Comments and Price Range.

This is an indispensable guide to which you will refer constantly. Plus every 2 months,

the price range is adjusted to reflect current market changes. A fabulous wealth of data right at your fingertips.

Ferrari Model Data is provided by noted expert Keith Bluemel.

Ferrari Pricing Data is based on a survey of selected dealers, and auction results.

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Data Specifications:

  • Years Made: These indicate accepted model years of manufacture, and do not necessarily indicate introduction dates, prototypes, etc.

  • Ferrari Model: This includes every known model type made, even those that no longer exist; includes one-offs, prototypes, specials, etc.

  • Engine Type: Layout and number of cylinders.

  • Number Made: This shows the accepted number of each model originally manufactured, not the current number in existence. Some models were later made into new models by Ferrari, and many have been destroyed.

  • Chassis Range: Accepted first and last chassis number for each model, but some prototypes may have come before.

  • Model Type: As defined by intended use.

  • Price Range: Indicated prices are current with this issue and are based either on actual sales, or on a knowledgeable estimate of what a specific model should sell for if ever brought to market. Low End: Indicates cars in generally poor condition, or with dubious histories, or with no competition history, etc. High End: Indicates cars in excellent condition, or restored cars, or with proven histories, or with competition histories, etc.

  • Brief Comments: As are useful.

Images from Peter Singhof, Michael Gregg and Jerry Wyszatycki.

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