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2012 Ferrari 458 GTD Offered by Auctions America

With a redline of nearly 9000 rpm and close to 550 bhp, the 458 GTD is no ordinary Ferrari, if such a thing exists. The limited production racing-only version of the 458 Italia road car, the GTD-spec car features a lightweight aluminum chassis with a 104.3 inch wheelbase and a longitudinally mounted F142 V-8 engine. With extensive aerodynamic advantages over its F430 predecessor, the F458 GTD is still a dominant force in GTD and GT3 sports car racing.

This example of the 458 GTD was put through its paces at the 2014 24 Hours of Daytona where it earned a 6th in class finish and 23rd overall. The car was then run at the 12 Hours of Sebring where it finished 24th overall. This Ferrari is ready for race prep and can still be competitive on track some six years after it was first introduced.

- Offered Without Reserve

- Estimate: $175,000 - $225,000

- Ferrari F142 90 deg. 4,498 cc V-8 4v DOHC

- Paddle shift six-speed sequential gearbox

- Fully independent overlapped triangular wishbone front suspension

- Multilink aluminum arm rear suspension

- 6th in class and 23rd overall at the 2014 24 Hours of Daytona

- 24th overall at the 2014 12 Hours of Sebring

- Please note this vehicle is being sold on Bill of Sale only

These are the TDFs, SWBs and GTOs of the future.

To be offered on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

For more detailed information, please visit the Auctions America website.


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