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Schedoni Searches for Special Ferrari Interiors

It is 40 years since Schedoni first produced their famous fitted luggage for Ferrari, which all started when Mauro Schedoni was asked to produce a set of fitted luggage by his brother-in-law, Franco Folli, for his Ferrari 308 GTS, to maximize the available space in the trunk. He showed his new bespoke luggage set to Enzo Ferrari, who liked it, and thought that it was a worthwhile option to offer to clients. Hence the cooperation with Ferrari started in January of 1977, producing custom fitted luggage sets, not only for the 308 series, but also for the 512 BB and 400 models of the time, and as they say, the rest is history.

During a visit to the factory in 1977, Mauro Schedoni was introduced to Chic Vandagriff, the head of Hollywood Sports Cars, an official dealer in Hollywood, California, and his son Cris, by Dott. Pietro de Franchi. They saw the luggage and were impressed by its quality, plus the colour and feel of the natural tanned leather used to manufacture it. They thought that apart from being able to offer the luggage to their clients, as an official Ferrari accessory, that it would also be nice to be able to offer this leather to their clients, as an option for the interior of their cars. Between 1977 and 1980, a total of 19 cars were supplied to Hollywood Sports Cars with the Schedoni leather interior.

Some were supplied with the seats and door cards only in Schedoni leather, and some with a complete interior including the center console and dashboard. In agreement with Ferrari, the interiors were made at the Schedoni workshop in Modena, and then taken to the Ferrari factory in Maranello for fitment to the cars. Upon completion of their installation, and prior to shipment of the cars to California, Mauro Schedoni then would personally go to the Ferrari factory to check for, and rectify, any blemishes or scratches that may have happened during the fitment of the interiors.

The company President, Simone Schedoni, would like to try and locate as many examples as possible, with the intention of organizing a reunion event in California, as that was where they were originally sold.

Hence the question “Where Are You Now?” The chassis numbers of the cars with Schedoni interiors are as listed, so if you own one of these cars, or know of the whereabouts of any examples, he would love to hear from you.

He can be contacted through Cavallino, or direct at

Text by Keith Bluemel. Images from Schedoni.

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