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Cavallino Circulation Quadruples with Curtis

We are pleased to announce that the Curtis Circulation Company has taken over the store distribution of Cavallino magazine in high-end newsstands and bookstores in the USA and Canada. Curtis is one of the oldest and largest distributors of magazines in North America. Starting with Cavallino 218, they are putting the magazine in high-end stores and high-end ZIP Code areas where they will be seen by even more enthusiasts.

Cavallino is dedicated to bringing the best articles and most accurate information on the older Ferraris, using the best Ferrari experts in the world. It is the recognized authority world-wide, used as a valuable reference by owners, restorers, researchers, dealers, auction houses, etc, and even by Ferrari Classiche. Also, the production qualities are second to none, with images from top photographers printed in gorgeous color on coated stock, and with historical photos reproduced with their lovely patina intact. The newsstand cover is different, but all content is the same.

39 years ago, Enzo Ferrari wrote to us in a letter: “… you may reproduce my personal testimony in the magazine, my sincere admiration for a beautiful publication, well done, perfectly printed, rich in historical arguments, fresh with actuality for many lovers of fine mechanics who love motoring. Cordialmente, Enzo Ferrari.”

Cavallino is celebrating its 40th Anniversary next year. Join us. Subscribe today.

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