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“90 Years 1000 Miglia” Exhibition Opens in Brescia

A new exhibition honoring the 90 years of the Mille Miglia has opened at the Mille Miglia Museum from May 5, 2017 to January 7, 2018, promoted by Automotive Masterpieces and the Mille Miglia Museum with the patronage of the Automobile Club of Brescia.

This exhibition will be the first ever show of the cars that took part in the Thousand Miles of Speed ​​and which, to date, continue to compete. The spectators will be transported back in time thanks to historical and sometimes eccentric machines, jewels of mechanics, among which stand out the excellence of Made in Italy. It is a real and interactive story with displays, totem touch screens, dedicated websites, photos, videos, press releases and more, to the cars on display, bringing the visitor through a journey of history and authentic emotions, collected with patience From Automotive Masterpieces in collaboration with the Mille Miglia Museum. Over 30 cars are present and are displayed in chronological order. Visitors will be able to explore the history and characteristics of each exposed car by visiting the website of the same through the various tools that give access to the extra contents of each car: for example, using totems located along the exhibition path or through the feeds received from beacons placed on cars and Bluetooth technology.

Telling what the Mille Miglia looks like is superfluous, but to celebrate the 90 years of the race that was the most famous in Italy between 1927 and 1957 and among the most fascinating races in the world, it is at least desirable. It is such an important race that even the cars in question will not be able to recall it even in this edition. Some machines, in fact, will leave the Museum to go to run the mythical competition, then to go back once finishing. During the exhibition period, new cars will move closer to renewing exposure to provide visitors with new and exciting emotions.

“The real challenge is the global census of cars that over the years have run through the Mille Miglia, an immense work that is still in progress today. We have tried to put in the past and future communication, technology that will be an integral part of the exhibition and will help us to engage a wider audience and promote the story of the world’s most beautiful race”, said Sandro Binelli, General Coordinator Automotive Masterpieces, former Secretary General Of Mille Miglia from 2008 to 2012 and curator of the exhibition. “The mission of the Automotive Masterpieces Exhibitions Lab is to make digital heritage accessible in digital mode, both in order to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge and to deepen historical research.” “It is a privilege to see so many masterpieces gathered together in our museum spaces”, said Vittorio Palazzani, President of the Mille Miglia Museum. We hope the show is the opportunity to bring the younger audience closer together, so that they can know the story of the red arrow. With this exhibition we are weaving new relationships with international collectors, thanks to their confidence and their cars, visiting the museum will always be new and interesting.”

The organization of the exhibition was possible thanks to the special partners Chopard and Zagato, to the main sponsor OMR Automotive and to the sponsors AGI, Ambrosi, Camozzi Group, Finarte, Ivar, Streparava, Zurich. The project as a whole also includes the release of a book and a 3D virtual exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the public every day from 10am to 6pm. For more information:

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