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1956 Ferrari Boano Does Mille Miglia and Tells All

One of the 16 Ferraris at the 1000 Miglia Storica on May 18-21, 2017 was the #441 1956 250 GT Coupé Boano Alloy, s/n 0609 GT, from Stephen and Kim Bruno, in a beautiful cream and burgundy livery.

This car was first owned by a Luciano Pacini of Rome, and had several more Italian owners before moving on to various owners in England, Switzerland and Germany, being restored along the way by Mario Bernardi. In 2013, it found its way to the USA and was used in several moving events, notably the California Mille and the Colorado Grand.

In 2016, it went up for sale at the Bonhams Scottsdale Auction where the Brunos picked up this wonderful example of a low roof alloy Boano, and did the Colorado Grand to get their feet wet for long distance road trips. They restored it further and had it prepped for the Mille Miglia and off they went.

What’s neat is that they’ve agreed to write about their experiences for Cavallino, and it will be a great read of their trials and tribulations but also the joys of driving and finishing the Mille Miglia this year.

Track them in Cavallino 220, the August 1 issue. Subscribe today and follow the adventure.

Images from Vincent Yernaux.

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