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Series I Cabriolet at Gooding at Pebble Beach

The 250 GT Series I Cabriolet presented here, chassis 1475 GT, is the last of 40 examples built, which makes it an exceedingly rare example of the type. As characterized by Pinin Farina coachwork in the late 1950s and early 1960s, this handsome Cabriolet displays the transition from the ornate designs of the late 1950s to the clean, modern styling that would dominate through the 1960s. Pinin Farina, now Pininfarina from 1960 onward, would be the lead promoter of this lean and tasteful look for Ferrari, and would indeed be Ferrari’s lead designer for decades to come.

This new look is exemplified by 1475 GT’s full-width bumpers and flanks that are unadorned with vents, which emphasize the long, elegant lines of the front fenders. These graceful lines are carried through to the rear fenders, and many regard the Series I Cabriolets to be more well-dressed and graceful than the later Series Ii model. This Series I Cabriolet is one of only four examples built with the open headlamp treatment, a very rare feature, and one of just two with tall vertical taillights.

This Cabriolet was owned by famed Ferrari collector and historian Hilary Raab, Jr for over three decades and has participated in numerous Concours and road rallies. Raab was one of the original motivators behind the early movement to collect and store as much data as possible on the early Ferraris. Much of what we know today of the histories of many early Ferraris, including this 250 GT Series I Cabriolet, comes from the diligent work of Raab and cohorts in the 1950s through 1980s.

This 250 GT Series I Cabriolet remains in outstanding condition throughout and is finished in a very attractive color combination of metallic blue over tan leather upholstery. It is open-air driving at its best.

Information provided by Gooding & Co.

Salon Photos by Matt Howell, Courtesy of Gooding & Co.

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