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Autoworld Celebrates Ferrari's 70th Anniversary

Report from Hugo Garritsen

On Friday, July 14th, the Autoworld Museum in Belgium’s capital city Brussels celebrated the opening of the Ferrari 70 Years exhibition. With 55 Ferraris on display from Belgian owners and a few from the National Auto Museum in Mulhouse, France (the former Schlumpf collection), this exhibition gives an overview of the 70 years of Ferrari as a producer of Sports and GT cars.

An Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 presents a look back to the days of Enzo Ferrari as a team owner, long before he thought of making his own cars. But post-war he did, and this exhibit is a generously complete overview of the best GT cars Ferrari has produced over the years, among them the 166 Inter, 195 Inter, 225 Europa, 250 GT Boano, 250 GT SWB, 275 GTB, 365 GTB/4 Daytona, 308, 512 BB, Testarossa, 550 Maranello, F12 Berlinetta and to the supercars 288 GTO, F40, 599 GTO and F12 Tdf.

Grand Prix racing is not forgotten with an early 166 F2 and the F1 87-88C.

Some of the 55 cars on Display:

166 F2, 001 F

F1 87-88C, 100

166 Inter, 027 S

195 Inter, 0101 S

225 Europa, 0223 EU

250 GT Boano, 0659 GT

500 TRC, 0692 MDTR

250 GT SWB, 2069 GT

250 LM, 5975

500 Superfast, 6679 SF

275 GTS, 07359

275 GTB, 08123

288 GTO, 55555

F40, 93942

599 GTO, 173805

Sergio, 205529

458 Speciale Aperta, 210622

California by Vettel, 212791

F12 TdF, 219719

F12 Berlinetta 70 Years edition, 226791

Information and images from Hugo Garritsen and Vincent Yernaux.

The exhibition can be visited until the 3rd of September. Please visit AUTOWORLD, Parc du Cinquantenaire 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Tel: +32 2 736.41.65. Fax: +32 2 736.51.36.

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