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Ferrari 70th Anniversary Event in Maranello: Part One

Ferrari celebrated its 70th year as a car maker, with a lot of events worldwide. Almost every car show, Concours or racing event had its share of celebrations, and the importers and their dealers held events in their respective countries. Ferrari itself celebrated in style and invited about 4,000 guests to Fiorano on September 9-10. As Ferrari is about driving your car, owners were encouraged to take part in the Anniversary Rally, and so from London, Frankfurt, Prague, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Rome 450 Ferraris drove in style to Milan where they enjoyed a luxury gala on Friday September 8th. The next morning, they drove to Parma for lunch and from there they drove together to Maranello to be greeted by hundreds of Ferrari fans along the route. After arriving in Maranello, all cars where directed to the Fiorano circuit where all cars were parked for the weekend. The most impressive drive came from an American Mark Davies who flew his 1958 250 GT LWB Tour de France (0895 GT) from New York to London and drove from there on the rally to Maranello, for 1,200 miles without any problem!

On the same Saturday morning, more than 100 classic Ferraris awaited their start of the events in Maranello. With an Concours d’Elegance on Saturday afternoon and Sunday at the Fiorano circuit, they were invited to take a tour to Modena for lunch at the Military Academy of Modena, as it was here that Francesco Baracca (from who’s family Enzo got his Prancing Horse emblem) received his military education. Under police escort, about 80 participants first drove through the center of Maranello and from there to Modena where they passed the Casa Enzo Ferrari museum alongside Enzo’s place of birth in 1898. From there it was off to the Military Academy in the center of Modena. In typical Italian style, all cars were parked in front of the Academy where the local citizens forgot about shopping or drinking their beloved espresso and came en masse to enjoy the cars. After lunch, the cars drove back to Maranello to be parked and made ready to be judged for the Concours. Due to the expected storm on Saturday evening and Sunday, judging started directly after arrival at Fiorano.

Now with all guest at Fiorano, RM Sotheby’s started off their “Ferrari Leggenda e Passione” auction with 41 Ferraris on sale, which gained a total of 38 cars sold for $74,500,000. The highlight, of course, was the 70th anniversary LaFerrari Aperta that sold for $8,300.00 to benefit Save the Children.

Part Two available here. Info and images from Hugo Garritsen at

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