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GTO Ferrari Tour of Tuscany - Snapshots, Part One

From September 25 to 30, eighteen historical Ferrari 250 GTOs were gathered by Ferrari SpA to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the model. After several previous rallies in five year increments, in France and the USA, it was in Italy that this year received 50% of total production of this icon.

Based in Florence, the group took day trips and traveled along the beautiful winding roads through the vineyards and olive groves of Tuscany. Then onto the sinuous roads of the Mugello region, including the famous passo della Futa and Raticosa used on the storied Mille Miglia.

On the last day, the GTOs and their crews found their way to their place of birth, in Maranello, with several laps of the circuit of Fiorano. Along the way were exquisite lunches and dinners at the best restaurants Italy had to offer.

It was truly a wonderful party for the GTOs and their owners and a great reunion with friends of this very small club. Where will they be in five years at the next anniversary? We will see and we will definitely be there!

Information and images from Etienne Vanaret.

A complete report on the GTO Tour will be in Cavallino 222, December 1, with the all-important chassis numbers. Subscribe Today!

Previous GTO Tours were covered in Cavallinos 16, 41, 72, 102, 133, 163 and 191.

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