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Ferrari's 70th Anniversary Visits New York City

Report from Daniel Kiss

Almost every major city is celebrating in some way Ferrari’s 70th birthday. New York had on display more than 25 cars ranging from the timeless 166 MM to the exquisite LaFerrari Aperta present between the 7 and 8 of October. Many other jewels like the 288 GTO, F40 and 250 LM were present, fueling the passion of any Ferrari enthusiast.

Cars spanned 4 locations scattered along the city: Rockefeller Plaza, Hublot Boutique, Ferrari Store and Sotheby’s headquarters. Unfortunately, the weather on Sunday was not cooperating. On and off rain made the travel between each location somewhat uncomfortable and scared away large crowds. The F50, 166 MM and the 512 BBLM were even covered for most of the morning.

Luckily, the Sotheby’s showroom was nested on the last floor of a modern building where most time was spent. Out of all four locations, Sotheby’s had to win the crown. The front entrance of the building was dominated by the marque’s flagship modern classics composed of the F40, F50 and Enzo. The top level held the festivities’ jewels constituting a 212 Inter, 250 GT Tour de France, 250 GT Cabriolet, 275 GTB and the historically significant 250 LM sold in 2014 by RM Auctions. The location chosen by Sotheby’s to display the classics was truly extraordinary. The neutral coloured walls and astonishing lighting really highlighted every detail of the car as if they were pieces of art. Even the fashion in which the cars were placed gave room for fantastic photographs.

The main site for Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary in New York was Rockefeller Center. It was the event’s crowd pleaser. Ferraris were arranged by year which was helpful in following the evolution of the brand.

These festivities were not only aimed towards gear heads but also to those willing to win prizes. These prizes were made up of a poster and a Ferrari 70th Anniversary cap which were redeemable at each location if you proceeded to advertise the event on Instagram.

These 70th Anniversary celebrations are a sign of the future. Not every car brand makes it and stays relevant for 70 years. Where will Ferrari be 70 years from now?

Images from Daniel Kiss.

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