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Swiss 250 GT SWB to Race at the Cavallino Classic

Swiss SWB to Race at the Cavallino Classic

The Cavallino Classic Competition is in its 7th year and its goal is to bring together gentlemen (and gentlewomen) drivers in vintage and classic racing Ferraris to recreate the glory of days gone by, in safe and secure surroundings.

For the past six years, the combatants have come from all over the USA and Canada, but now we have an exciting entry coming all the way from Europe. It is the 250 GT SWB, s/n 2445 GT, which has enjoyed many years of successful historic racing in England and on the continent, in the hands of its current owner. The car and driver are now coming to America to test their skills and endurance against our regular but equally skilled entrants, and our driving group here is rising to the challenge.

This 250 GT SWB has a long racing history, beginning in 1961 with its acquisition by the famed Garage Francorchamps. Jacques van den Haute was the first driver in several races, but it found success in many competitions in the hands of Robert Crevits (Cavallino has a biography of Mr. Crevits in an upcoming issue). He had many first overall and firsts in class in numerous hill climbs and rallies, and even raced at events like the 1000 km of Paris at Montlhéry and the GP de Spa.

After a crash at Le Mans in 1962 (and not by Crevits), the car went through a number of owners and rebuilds before being completely restored by its current owner to original in 2014. The work was performed by the famed houses of Edi Wyss Engineering in Switzerland and by Carrozzeria Brandoli in Italy. In vintage racing it has been driven by Danny Sullivan and Stefan Johansson. Crew from Edi Wyss Engineering are coming to tend to the car – this is a serious entrant.

This unique and battle hardened SWB will be racing on Friday, January 26, at PBIR, and will be on display at the Concorso d’Eleganza at The Breakers on Saturday, January 27, 2018. Visit for more information. And please join us!

Images from Peter Singhof, Archivo Ferrari and the Crevits family archives.

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