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Dealing in Dreams – An Inside Story About Ferraris

The world of older collectible Ferraris has expanded greatly over the past two decades, in a growing awareness of how rare and unique and important the early Ferraris are. In the mix has been a small band of broker/dealers that have sourced many of the great Ferraris and found them new homes. It’s a secret world, relying on a ready boldness on the one hand but complete discretion on the other.

One of the most successful adepts in this small club is John Collins of Talacrest. For 30 years, he has been at the forefront of handling some of the rarest and most exotic Ferraris in existence, and not just the street cars but the most sought after GT and prototype race winners.

To commemorate Talacrest’s 30th Anniversary, John has written a new book, which offers a fascinating insight into the world of dealing in classic collector Ferraris and other exotic cars. It tells the inside story about John and Talacrest, from its beginning to the present day. As an aside, it is also a wonderful catalogue of the world's most fabulous cars that Talacrest and John have been involved with.

With approximately 350 pages, the book is prolifically illustrated with stunning archive pictures from Auto Italia and Marcel Massini amongst others, and includes many important Ferrari road and racing cars. Many are accompanied with histories, track tests and how the deals were done. The book documents the start of the business with borrowed capital from mates in the local pub, to the development of an enterprise which became the first Classic Car dealer to win a Queen's Award for Export.

For enthusiasts, this is a candid recollection of the real stories behind some of the most exotic road and racecar transactions and presents a unique insight into the operation of the market at the highest levels.

An added dividend: All profits from the sale of the book will be split between two charities - The Thames Valley Air Ambulance and The Racehorse Sanctuary. Purchase the book by clicking on the buy now button below - whereupon you will be taken to a secure Paypal page to submit your details and make payment. (You do not require a paypal account to make payment through paypal.)

To see more about the book and make a purchase, visit

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