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Zagato Ferrari Wins Cavallino Best of Show

At the recent Cavallino Classic in January, there was the exclusive Concorso d’Eleganza on the front lawn of The Breakers Hotel, with 150 rare Ferraris laid out in all their glory – a sight to behold.

100 of those Ferraris were there for serious judging by teams of internationally known expert judges, using the definitive guidelines of the very strict International Advisory Committee for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA). Each Ferrari starts with 100 points, and then the judges look for originality and condition, and begin deducting points and half points for items not up to grade.

A Ferrari must gain 97 points to win a coveted Platinum Award, no easy task, which equates to a First in Class, and this also makes the Ferrari eligible for consideration for a Major Award. There a several Major Awards but the one most sought-after is the most important of all, the Best of Show.

This year’s Best of Show was the 250 GT Zagato, s/n 0515 GT, a basic 1956 250 GT long wheelbase V-12 Ferrari but with a special lightweight body designed by the Zagato firm, incorporating many elements for which Carrozzeria Zagato would become famous, for example, the double-bubble roof.

This 0515 GT was the first of five special 250 GTs dressed by Zagato. It was sold new to Vladimiro Galluzzi who raced the car with great success in 1956 before selling it to Luigi Taramazzo who raced it successfully in 1957. From there it retired form racing and went through many caring owners (including the famous Zambrano collection), without any mishaps, before being bought by current owner David Sydorick. Mr. Sydorick has taken particular care to show the Zagato at only the best events, and along the way it has garnered many awards.

It has been meticulously restored, with scrupulous attention to all the fine details and styling cues that Zagato incorporated into the body of this car. No matter where you look you see impeccably detail combined with stylish perfection and faultless craftsmanship.

As Best of Show at the 2018 Cavallino Classic, s/n 0515 GT is eligible for the Peninsula Hotel Best of the Best Award, where the Best of Shows from the top eight Concours around the world vie for the honor of Best in the World. We’ll keep you informed.

Images here from Peter Singhof, Michael Gregg and David Brady.

Cavallino had complete coverage of this car in issue #138, with a Major History of s/n 0515 GT by expert Marcel Massini, with salon photos, historical photos, and a detailed historical chart of its life. To obtain this issue, please visit Casa Cavallino.

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