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Blockbuster Book on Ferrari Published in English

When Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898, automobiles were still a novelty in his native Italy. When he died ninety years later, the company he built stood at the top of a global industry, with the Ferrari name universally recognized for performance, racing prowess, and state-of-the-art Italian design. Enzo Ferrari: Power, Politics, and the Making of an Automotive Empire is the definitive account of an epic life.

Drawing on years of original research conducted in Italy and abroad, author (and Ferrari insider) Luca Dal Monte uncovers a wealth of new facts about Enzo’s origins, ambitions, business practices, and private life. The book revisits all the highlights of Ferrari’s rise to greatness - his driving career in the 1920s; his management of racing teams for Alfa Romeo in the 1930s; the launch of his own company and team in the late 1940s, and his unprecedented successes building cars for the road and race track in the following decades. But the book also examines lesser-known and sometimes hidden aspects of Ferrari’s career, from his earliest failed business ventures to his political dealings with Italy’s Fascist government, Allied occupiers, and even Communist leaders. And it lays bare the internal politics of the Ferrari company and team, whose leader manipulated employees, drivers, competitors and the media, all to win in the arena of competition.

This is the only biography that captures the entire scope of Ferrari’s life and his impact on automobiles, motor racing, and Italian culture, and it does so with remarkable texture and detail. Author (and Ferrari insider) Luca Dal Monte worked for more than a decade researching with original source material and interviews. His efforts uncovered a wealth of new facts about Ferrari’s origins, ambitions, business practices, and private life. Throughout the book’s 968 pages, Luca provides a lively, memorable read.

Published first in Italy - where it became an award-winning best-seller - the book’s exciting element is that Luca and publisher David Bull worked closely together to prepare the English language edition, which Luca himself translated. He used this opportunity to revise and add material, and they honed his narrative, making their English edition the definitive edition. It’s also worth mentioning that they originated the idea of an index that’s thorough and fully annotated to make the book truly useful to researchers and historians.

Accompanying the in-depth text are extensive endnotes, along with a full bibliography and the index. The book is illustrated with four separate sections of photos, exhibits, and artefacts, and opens with a foreword by former Ferrari President Luca Di Montezemolo, who had previously served as the company’s Formula One team manager.

This is truly the definitive biography of Enzo Ferrari, one that makes previous accounts obsolete. Its depth, scale, and detail make it essential reading for automotive and motorsports enthusiasts. But other readers will be drawn to a sweeping story of Italian life, business, and culture during the 20th century.

Luca Dal Monte was born in Cremona, Italy, in 1963. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, he is an award-winning and best-selling author who has written or co-authored ten books on motorsports. Prior to this he led the communications departments of Pirelli Motor Racing, Ferrari, Maserati North America, and Maserati Worldwide. Luca Dal Monte is the subject of a new profile in the Books section of the New York Times. In addition to covering Luca’s life, career, and experience writing the book, the article features a sprint through Westchester County in a rare 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB.

Thanks to writer Jamie Kitman and the Times for recognizing this epic biography and revealing the time, effort, and exhaustive research that went into it. Like a classic Ferrari car, the book is a unique combination of passion, attention to detail, and Italian craftsmanship.

Format: Hardcover, 6” by 9”, 968 pages, 100 black and white and 33 color photographs.

Retail Price: $49.95 / £35.00. ISBN-13: 978-1-935007-28-9

Ordering: Enzo Ferrari is available through specialty automotive booksellers, independent bookstores,, and directly from the publisher.

To order please call 602-852-9500, (800) 831-1758, or visit

For orders in the United Kingdom please contact Chris Lloyd Sales & Marketing Services, which

distributes David Bull Publishing books, at (0) 1202 649930.

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