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Cavallino is on the Move in 2018 - and Our Back Issues are Ready for You

Cavallino has moved its entire operations to a new, larger location to serve you better. This move included thousands of Cavallino back issues, covering 40 years of Ferrari history.

What This Means

Cavallino now has nearly all its back issues available for you, to fill in your collection, to add to your collection, to start your collection, to gift your collection. All the copies are original and in excellent condition. (The only duplicate is 1A, and this is clearly marked.) Sadly, we have very few original copies of certain issues and these are officially OP = Out of Print. But over 95% of the issues are still available for your collection.

What’s in Them

“Each issue of Cavallino has more information than most books on Ferrari.” Every issue covers multiple Ferrari subjects, from historical articles to latest news to event coverage to letters, art, books, race results, auction results, opinions, etc.

Chassis Numbers

Most importantly, virtually every mention of any Ferrari comes with its chassis number. This is the Holy Grail of the Ferrari world – the car’s chassis number. Cavallino has made this its priority – always including the chassis number – and this information is as valid today as it was 40 years ago. The chassis number is the key to a Ferrari’s history, and Cavallino has hundreds of them in every issue.

Index to Cavallino 1 to 200

To help you find the issues you need, or simply subjects that interest you, Cavallino has provided a free Index to issues 1 to 200, which you can access here.

There are 4 parts available for free:

Part 1 – Model types – Every model ever covered in Cavallino, in numerical order

Part 2 – Competition – Every race ever covered in Cavallino, with results & chassis numbers

Part 3 – General Subjects – Driver bios, etc, plus shows & events, with results & chassis numbers

Part 4 – Groupings – Related subjects and the several issues they appear in

To reach us:

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Cavallino Classic:

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Office: 561-994-1345

Fax: 561-994-9473

MAIL: Cavallino/Cavallino Classic/Cavallino Events

PO Box 1000

Palm Beach, FL 33480


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