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Ferrari Tribute at the Mille Miglia Historic 2018

Report from Olivier Bidaud

In honor of the 1000 Miglia (or the Mille Miglia Historic if you prefer), Ferrari SpA over the last few years has organized a tribute to this great race through Italy. The idea is to gather more modern Ferraris and have them follow the same general route as the main historic rally through the beautiful countryside, cities and villages of Italy.

This year the Ferrari Tribute to the Mille Miglia 2018 was held from Wednesday, 16 May until Saturday, 19 May. The Ferrari Tribute was an actual competition, although low-key, as it is a regularity rally, as opposed to an all-out assault. All the owners were able to cruise through the best of Italy, while the more competitive were able to hone their skills against the clock.

Along the route, such is the popularity of Ferrari, that these more modern Ferrari models garnered the same enthusiasm and adulation from the thousands of spectators, as do the older models in the actual 1000 Miglia.

This year, nearly 100 Ferrari cars took part in this enjoyable event, starting and finishing in Brescia. Davide Bianchi and Giordano Mozzi won the 2018 edition at the wheel of their California 2+2.

Images by Olivier Bidaud.

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