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Urgent Ferrari/Takata Airbag Recall Important Information

If the passenger-side front airbag is deployed, a defective inflator produced by Takata can send sharp metal fragments toward the vehicle occupants, resulting in injury or death.

Replacement airbags are now available. Please contact your nearest Authorized Ferrari Dealer to make an appointment to have the FREE repair performed on your vehicle.

Please take the time to see if your vehicle is subject to this recall by immediately checking the VIN number of your vehicle using one of the following steps:

1. Visit the NHTSA recall website 2. Visit the Ferrari website recall lookup 3. Contact your nearest Authorized Ferrari Dealer 4. You may also contact Ferrari North America directly at (201) 816-2668

Ferrari is unaware of any such incidents in Ferrari vehicles at this time, but that does not lessen the urgency of this recall. Remember, the recall repair is FREE.

#Safety #Recall

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