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Ferrari Portofino Makes its North American Debut

The new Ferrari Portofino, which takes the place of the sporting California and California T, has been making the rounds of the dealer network around the world, including North America. One of the stops on the North American run was at our friends, and great supporters of the Cavallino Classic, the admirable Ferrari of Palm Beach. The presentation, which turned into one of those wonderful parties for which this dealership is known, brought out an enthusiastic group of local Ferrari owners and devotees.

In truth, the dealership had a surprise up their sleeve. As you entered the second floor loft, the Portofino held prime position and was temptingly under wraps for the first half of the party, as everyone waited for the introductory speech and the dramatic lifting of the drape. However, when General Manager Jack Clarke finished his excellent presentation and announced “Here is the new Portofino…” they did not pull the cover off. Instead, behind everyone, the large gallery doors opened and we heard a loud roar as the real Portofino started up and made its way into the showroom. This dramatic flourish was received with enthusiastic applause and the party really took off after that. Ferrari is all about fun and excitement as well as luxury and sport, so the die was cast.

Giving that introductory speech was the new GM at Ferrari of Palm Beach, Jack Clarke. Jack had been the head of all sales at Ferrari North America for over 20 years and when he decided to retire to Florida, Ferrari asked him if he would take over running of the dealership. So, you have someone who is not only an experienced administrator but who also knows the ins and outs of all things Ferrari. A good man to get to know.

On hand was entertainment as well as plenty of food and drink, as everyone poured over the new car inch by inch. Also on hand was the entire sales team at the dealership, hosting everyone and of course taking orders (“Shall we meet tomorrow? Excellent.”).

The Portofino is named after the Italian coastal town near Genoa which embodies all the elements of enjoyment and relaxation, which is what the Ferrari Portofino is all about – top-down open-air driving with your significant other. The twin-turbo V-8 pumps out 591 bhp and has all the electronic engine, shifting, and suspension aids for smooth effortless driving.

Thank you to Jack for the invite and to Rose Calandro, the Marketing Manager, for putting the evening together. Visit

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