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Complex Parts, True Craftsmanship: Brandoli

Coachbuilders since 1962, Brandoli in Italy are restoration professionals, specializing in the Ferrari models of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s - and great friends of Cavallino and the Cavallino Classic. They manage bodywork restoration projects and make spare parts according to the original factory designs. They also manage complete restorations of the vehicles they're specialized in.

Read on to find out more about what they do, including a behind-the-scenes look at how they manually reproduced the rear section of a Ferrari Dino 246 GT.


Complex parts: the case of a portion of a Ferrari Dino 246 GT body

At Brandoli we frequently create customized spare parts.

Our customers appreciate the precision and expertise applied in making complex body parts, two aspects that simplify the assembly phase.

We’ve therefore decided to share a number of photos of one of the many projects recently dealt with at Brandoli: the manual production of the rear part of a Ferrari Dino 246 GT. An interesting case, to go "behind the scences" of the metal sheet shaping process, which a craft workshop like ours performs every day.

See the full article here.


Do You Want to Speed Up Your Restoration?

Make life easier for yourself! We can make the parts while you focus on other things. If you would like further information, contact us. ph. +39 059 530748 email


Learn More About Brandoli

Egidio Brandoli (pictured, right) spent 17 years working with Sergio Scaglietti before branching out with his own Carrzzeria Brandoli in 1980. His son, Roberto (pictured, left) is now the head of the artistic workshop.

But this is just a summary of their intricate story and where they are today - for the details, including the new Brandoli Artwork range, read more.

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