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The NART Spyder – Still The Ferrari Dream Machine

One of the most fascinating series of cars ever produced by Ferrari was the small run of spyder versions of the glorious 275 GTB and GTB/4 Berlinettas. Fascinating because it was a great idea at the time but only 10 were ever made. The Spyder design was perfection and there is no explanation of why production didn’t continue. In the long run it made the car more unique and distinct, and they were bought up by collectors and movie stars. It was the open car to be seen in.

In Cavallino 227 we have the full story of the NART Spyders with a special concentration on the last one built. The article is presented to you by 275 expert Dustin Wetmore. As he covers the history of these cars, you’ll learn how they came to be made and what Ferrari and Scaglietti did to transform the Berlinetta chassis into one that was fit for a convertible. Also, how they modified the upper half of the Berlinetta body to transform it into a convertible body without sacrificing the special look and appeal of the 275.

From the thorough text, an appreciation in Dustin’s own words:

“As the decades have passed, we are fortunate to be able to reflect on the significance of this short run of 10 Spyders. In 1969, Enzo Ferrari would go on to sell a controlling stake of his creation to Fiat thus significantly altering Ferrari’s identity. The challenges brought on by competitors such as Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin were hitting close to home. Emission legislation passed in the United States in the form of the Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Act of 1965 would affect models sold in this market starting with model year 1968.

“Ferrari’s eventual response to these global market demands brought about a shift in philosophy ending the hand-built nature of road car production. This new context also brought an end to the use of the clearly iconic V-12 engine architecture originally design by Colombo and introduced in 1948.

“The NART Spyder is the model which closed out a chapter of automotive history dominated by the touch of the artisan. They remind us of the time when our automobiles were not designed and built by board rooms and legislation. A time when the passion and determination of the Commendatore was all that was necessary to create the history we study today.”

See more on the NART Spyders in Cavallino 227, available now.

Images from master photographer Jerry Wyszatycki, Avatar Productions -

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