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Goodwood Revival is More Than Just Race Cars

The massive weekend of the Goodwood Revival on September 7-9 has come and gone, and for those three days, colossal crowds enjoyed some really great classic car racing. (See Cavallino 228 for a full car report.)

But the cars aren’t the only attraction. Many years ago, the Revival instituted a “dress code” for the paddock, whereby entry was gained if you dressed up in period costume, notably in dress worn during the circuit's heyday from 1948 to 1966. This proved very popular and soon spread to the spectator areas. The Goodwood Revival even published a manual on the correct dress, so you would not feel left out.

This has caught everyone’s imagination, and now all sorts of scenes and tableaus are being reenacted, adding to the charm and ambiance of the event.

Your Associate Editor Keith Bluemel was on scene and sampled all the many eccentricities on display, and we thank him for sharing his images with all of you.

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