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2019 Cavallino Classic Has the Best Field in Years

Cavallino Classic Dismisses the Rain - the Show Went On! And What a Show It Was...

Yes, it poured rain all through the night and into the early hours of the morning, but the show did go on. Of the 130 cars registered for the Concorso field on Saturday, only 8 failed to make it but the rest were worth the wet and cold.

  • Participants came from 23 countries, as far away as Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.

  • Ferraris came from the USA, Canada and Europe, while the Classic Cars came from the USA, Canada and Mexico. The Best of Show 335 Sport, the car as well as the owner and family, came all the way from Austria.

  • On the show field Saturday – Three of the four 335 Sports, several 250 TRs plus the rare factory TR59/60, many 250 GT SWBs, including the first ever made and the Paris show car, a 410 Sport one of four made, the lone 412 MI, the 500 Mondial from the last Cavallino 228, the 275 GTB Speciale made exclusively for “Pinin” Farina himself, the 1949 166 Inter 015 S Geneva show car, plus the obligatory GTO and TDFs, plus five Lussos, five 275 GTBs, plus Enzos, F50s, F40s and 288 GTOs, Dinos, 3 and 4 series, etc, all the way up to the latest 812s. For modern race cars, there was the 348 GTC LM and the 488 GTE, both with extensive race histories.

  • We thank all the participants who brought their Ferraris and Classic Cars out for everyone to enjoy, and all the attendees who braved the weather to see their favorite cars. It was a party.

  • Judging results will be up soon on the website, along with photo coverage from our talented media.

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