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ECCO: Our curated menu of specialty items for you in this issue 230:


  • Rétromobile - Reports from Arnaud Blanfuney & Arnaud Meunier, with chart ofall entrants and chassis numbers.

  • New F8 Tributo unveiled at Geneva Motor Show, with chassis numbers.

  • Other Ferraris at the Geneva Motor Show, with chassis numbers.


  • The 500 TR, s/n 0614 MDTR, was left to rot, but one man brought it back and it is now fully restored and on the show circuit. Its tale by Keith Bluemel, with race history chart, 4-color salon images, historical images.

  • Cavallino Classic 2019 - It rained but we all had fun. All the events, all the images, plus chart of entrants, chassis numbers and judging results.


  • An interview with Michael Luzich, founder of Luzich Racing, which debuted successfully in 2018 GT racing. Interviewed by Keith Bluemel.

  • Daytona 24 Hours report, from Keith Bluemel, with chart of entrants, chassis numbers and results.

  • New F1 SF90 is shown, with detailed cut-a-way drawings by Paolo d’Alessio.

  • 2018 SF71-H chassis numbers, per race, from Sven Girgensohn.


  • Crevits images found; NART images found; mystery Ferrari #3; more on Pourret.


  • The GT, Sport and Production Ferraris, with pertinent information and values.


  • The 500 TR, s/n 0614 MDTR, photographed in England by Keith Bluemel.

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Photos by Keith Bluemel, Arnaud Blanfuney, Vincent Yernaux, Manfred Lampe, Peter Singhof, Ferrari Media.


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