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Rare Battista Pininfarina Prototype at Cavallino Classic

The current owner acquired this 275 GTB Battista Pininfarina Prototype, s/n 6437, the very special one-off, that he had chasing for over a dozen years. It had been locked away in obscurity for 30 years, so literally no one has seen it in that time, and he felt good to liberate it from Ferrari ‘prison'. Several of the judges have asked him when he will show the car, so he decided to bring it down to Cavallino, either for judging, or if not, at least for display and to give the judges a chance to critique the 30-year old restoration.

This is the only 275 GTB ever built by Pininfarina, for Battista’s personal use himself, and displays many unique and attractive special bespoke features: A unique and lavish interior, dash and seats; PF badge on front fenders; unique front end and grill opening with small bumpers and large driving lights; no vent window; special badging and trim on rear panel; frameless headlight covers, 6-carbs with power dome on hood, unique Aqua Verde Metalizzoto paint, China Red interior - even rear diffusers like an F1 car!  

Underneath, it had all the Ferrari goodments - 3285 cc tipo 213 SOHC V-12 engine, six Weber 40 DCN Carburetors, 265 bhp at 6500 rpm, 5-speed manual transaxle, 4-wheel vacuum-assisted Dunlop disc brakes.

In period, it was proudly displayed at the Frankfurt, Paris, Torino, and Brussels Motor Shows, to showcase both the design talents of the Pininfarina firm and to honor the Patron himself, Battista Pinin Farina.

We thank the new owner for bringing it to the Cavallino Classic to share with all of you.

Images from David Brady, Peter Singhof, Michael Gregg and Jerry Wyszatycki.

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