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Endurance Takes on New Meaning at 6 Hours of Spa

The FIA World Endurance Cup (WEC) 6 Hours of Spa took place on May 4, and “endurance” became the descriptive word – not from overcoming mechanical problems, nor driver error, nor team strategies – no it was weather. What normally would have been spring time weather in Belgium, albeit overcast as it always seems to be at Spa, the race was actually driven in perfectly awful weather. After a few laps of sunshine, it began to snow! Light snow, then heavy snow, then snow/rain mix, then heavy rain, then light rain, then fog, and to top it all off, rain and sun together.

In the photos are the 488 GTE EVOs Davide Rigon/Sam Bird, James Calado/Alessandro Pier Guidi and the 488 GTE Flohr/Castellacchi/Fisichella, among others.

We will have a full account of this pure “endurance” race in Cavallino 232, with images, race results with car, drivers, teams, and most important, chassis numbers.

Information and brave images from your staff in the field, Hugo Garritsen.

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