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  • THE BEAST - Of all the big Ferraris in the 1950s era, this 412 MI is regarded by all, especially the drivers, as the most exciting of all - a beast. Now redone in its von Neumann silver livery, it is presented again in all its glory by historian Alan Boe.

  • THE FERRARI AUTOMATIC - The surprising tale of how an automatic transmission was first installed, tested and made to work in a Ferrari, but not by Ferrari. It was made by a lone visionary to convince Ferrari there was a real need for non-manual shifting. The man who did it recounts his detailed exploits - Dick Fritz.


  • ECCO - Our curated menu of specialty items for you in this 231.

  • LETTERE - Ferrari Rex information; mystery Ferrari car #4, thoughts on the historians.

  • NOTIZIE - Amelia Island Concours - Report from Keith Bluemel with chart of all Ferrari entrants and chassis numbers. An Alfa Romeo wins Best of the Best Award in Paris. An interview with Giacomo Mattioli, The Ambassador, by Rex McAfee.

  • IN MEMORIAM - Ferrari Historian Michael T. Lynch. Remembered by Robert T. Devlin.

  • FOTOGRAFIA - More important images by master lensman (and sometime driver) Phil Hill.

  • CORSE - Sebring 12 Hours report, from David Brady, with chart of entrants, chassis numbers and results. GT race results to date, from Keith Bluemel. F1 race commentary for Australia, Bahrain, China and Azerbaijan by Keith Bluemel.

  • GUIDA - The GT, Sport and Production Ferraris, with pertinent information and values.

  • MERCATO – Auction results from Amelia, Ft. Lauderdale and Paris. It isn’t pretty.

  • COVER - The 412 MI, s/n 0744 MI, at the Cavallino Classic by Jerry Wyszatycki.

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Photos by Keith Bluemel, Denis L. Tanney, Jerry Wyszatycki.


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