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Ferrari in Argentina – A Memorable Tour Announced

The Florida Region of the FCA has organized an exciting trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 5 - 10, 2019. The Florida Region in conjunction the Ferrari Club Argentino is offering to a small group of 30 Ferrari owners, a unique opportunity to visit and explore a country and city rich with Ferrari history.

You will meet and enjoy the company of Ferrari Club Argentino members and see several select Ferrari sites and private collections in that country. Although Ferrari and auto focused, the tour will offer something for all to enjoy. Cars, dining, shopping, and sightseeing. October is the beginning of spring in Argentina and the weather should be very nice. Buenos Aires is located on the East Coast of Argentina and the south shore of the mouth of the “Rio de la Plata” with the Atlantic Ocean immediately to the east.

The Ferrari Club of Argentina was founded in 1999 by José Frolián González, who notched one of the most significant landmarks in Formula 1 history. With his victory in the 1951 British GP, he gave Ferrari its first F1 world championship success. The Ferrari Club of Argentina members are very excited to have us visit and share stories, experiences and build camaraderie.

We are excited to be working with Andrés Canet and his company Autos&Viajes, an automobile focused tour company based in Buenos Aires. Autos&Viajes has done auto and motorcycle focused tours the world over including F1 Grands Prix, MotoGP and wine country tours. Autos&Viajes has worked closely with the Ferrari Club Argentino for over 10 years.

Leading this tour is Don Bartz, a Ferrari owner who just retired as a Captain at American Airlines after many years of flying to South America, including Buenos Aires. Over the years he has built up strong friendships with the Ferrari owners there and he knows Argentina intimately.

For more information, find the brochure here: BA Ferrari Tour Brochure

For tickets, please follow this link.

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