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Ferrari Through the Eyes of Gunther Raupp Exhibit

Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA will host a rare and exclusive solo exhibition of world-renowned, automobile photographer Gunther Raupp. This show will include Gunther’s popular images of magnificently designed Ferrari sports cars. Gunther remains one of the most sought-after photographers in Europe and America to create campaigns, brochures and magazines for Audi, Buick, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Maserati, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and others. Visit our historic gallery for this exciting opportunity to view an elegant exhibition by the world’s most celebrated and accomplished photographer of Ferrari automobiles.

Gunther Raupp studied painting and art history at the State Academy of Art in Stuttgart, Germany. Even as a young art student, Gunther soon discovered his lifelong love for photography. "I bought my first camera simply because I was a lazy draftsman," confesses Gunther with a smile.

As a young freelance photographer, Gunther followed his passion for Ferrari and fulfilled his dream of owning a Ferrari Dino 246 Spider when he just was 29. In 1984, Gunther began photographing and producing his own beautifully printed, limited edition Ferrari calendar. Enzo Ferrari congratulated Gunther on his first edition and was eternally grateful fort the gift of the premier calendar. Soon after, the renowned Italian sports car manufacturer signed a contract with Gunther and his famous Ferrari Myth calendar has become the annual, official Ferrari calendar.

Gunther set the benchmark for an unparalleled history of a special edition calendar series that remains highly coveted by Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide. His unique, innovative photographic style and the unequalled reproduction quality has impressed the most famous and discerning Ferrari collectors throughout the world, who have opened the gates of their private car collections exclusively for him. The 2020 Edition is now Gunther's 36th Ferrari calendar in a continuous series since 1985. This all new Ferrari Myth calendar will have its exclusive premiere at the opening of his solo exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art during Car Week.

This impressive exhibition premiered in the official Ferrari Museum "Galleria Ferrari" in Maranello, Italy, and had been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide including Stuttgart, Germany, Basel, Switzerland, Valencia, Spain and at the Unesco World Heritage Site Ironworks Voelklingen, Germany, which attracted 33,000 visitors.

Collectors can also purchase the photographs as valuable originals, created using an elaborate Diaplex printing process in 120 x 120 cm (ca. 47 x 47ʺ) format, personally signed by Gunther Raupp.

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