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30% Off “FLAT-12” Limited Edition Bulletins: Exploring the Boxers & Testarossas

Was $70.00, now $49.00. Postage included in USA (plus overseas postage).

Exploring the Ferrari Flat-12 Series – 365 GT/4 BB, 512 BB, 512 BBi, Testarossa, 512 TR, 512 M! Limited quantities.

The Flat-12 Series Ferraris are now recognized and reverenced for their inherent exotic design and Flat-12 innovative engineering. Few in number, they have become collectible treasure and now have an enduring place in Ferrari’s history.

These very handy and useful reference guides contain extensive information on chassis, bodies, interiors and engines. Also, information on service, maintenance, repairs, parts, restorations, and more. Along with complete specs, type numbers, chassis number ranges, etc, plus copious photos, technical drawings, exploded diagrams, charts – a visual treat.

Written by Flat-12 expert Keith Bluemel.

Each issue covers a dedicated area:

No. 1 – Flat-12 Introduction & Survey of All Models (with detailed spec chart)

No. 2 – Flat-12 Motore & Transmissione – European & USA Versions

No. 3 – Autotelaio & Carrozzeria – European & USA Versions

No. 4 – Opzioni & Variazioni (with paint code list)

No. 5 – Interiore

No. 6 – Evolution of the Testarossa & 512 TR

No. 7 – Ferrari – Pubblicazioni Ufficiali

No. 8 – Event Coverage

No. 9 – Certification; Market Guide

9 issues in the set, 16 pages each, 144 pages in all of accurate text, detailed photos, drawings, and useful charts. Now available at 30% off. Was $70.00, now $49.00. Postage included in USA (plus overseas postage).

Have a Flat-12? Want to get a Flat-12? Know a friend with a Flat-12? Want to be an expert?

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