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Alert: Dates for the Challenge and GT Days Have Changed

The very successful Challenge and GT Days held for two years now at the Red Bull Ring in Austria must change its dates for 2020 – same weekend but 2 days later, August 26-27. This is because of a change in the international racing calendar. The C&GT Days ad in the June 1 issue of Cavallino has the old dates, as we were already on press. For organizer Heinz Swoboda (and a great supporter of Cavallino), we announce this change.

The Challenge and GT Days is a special event for all generations of Ferrari GT and Challenge cars, for owners, families and friends. Not a race but abundant track time on a world class circuit. The classes are arranged by age group, so that everyone can enjoy their cars at a similar speed. New this year will be a class for the Pistas (the first International PISTA meeting), plus a class for historic F1 Ferraris.

The overall program remains the same for the two days, and Heinz invites all owners to contact him at the event website.

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