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Amalgam’s Race-Weathered Ferrari 330 P4 Revealed

"Attention to Every Detail"

Bristol, UK, December 13, 2020 – The master craftsman at the Amalgam Collection today revealed its latest race weathered 1:18 scale car, the iconic 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 Le Mans race car. Each of the 100 limited edition 1:18-scale models are meticulously hand-painted and detailed by the artisans at Amalgam’s Bristol workshop to show every nuance of embedded dirt in the cars livery after completing 24 grueling hours on the Circuit de la Sarthe. The first batch of 25 models is expected to be completed and shipped before Christmas with a limited production run of only 100 pieces.

“Our goal is to produce a model that looks exactly like the real car, in this case down to the last rock chip,” says Sandy Copeman, Amalgam’s director of brand. “There should be nothing that gives it away.”

Every nut, bolt and rivet were precisely replicated using data from a digital scan of the only perfect example of the 330 P4 left in existence, which did not suffer from crash damage or major modifications. Additionally, Ferrari Classiche scrutinized the model during the prototype phase of its development to ensure complete accuracy. All of the weathering details were accurately applied using archival imagery to ensure that the completed model precisely replicated oil stains, stone chip and dirt smears on the real car as it finished the race in 1967. Owners will also be presented with an archival quality Giclée print of the car crossing the finish line, as selected from the Motorsport Images collection by Amalgam.

Amalgam is also known for the presentation of every model that leaves its workshops. The 330 P4 is no different. Each model will arrive in a luxurious black protective black box with a protective outer carrying sleeve. Amalgam’s works of automotive art are mounted on polished black acrylic bases with a protective clear acrylic dust cover, ideal for display purposes. Each car comes with a booklet containing a certificate of authenticity along with historical information on the car. Completing the Amalgam display is a polished stainless-steel plaque with the model title and original Ferrari branding mounted at the front end of the base.

“Most collectors quickly come to realize that dusting one of our models is almost an impossible task,” adds Copeman. “So, it goes without saying that keeping them in the display case will protect and present them in a bespoke way.” Copeman adds, “some clients have been known to scoot one across the floor. However, that would not come without taking an enormous risk.”

Pre-Order your edition of the race weathered Ferrari 330 P4 here.

Amalgam Collection occupies a unique place in the history of fine car models, fashioning unrivalled examples of the world’s most iconic and luxurious cars at scale. The only maker of model cars that can be considered alongside a maker of fine watches like Richard Mille, they have developed close partnerships with the world’s most important designers, engineers, drivers and manufacturer brands, not only delivering editions of models for their own internal use, but supplying development models, one-offs and displays of every kind. Every one of the models they make, whether it be for a private collector or a world-famous driver is the very best they can achieve with no effort or expense spared. They are continually striving to reach new levels of craftsmanship and to create masterpieces of model-making art with enduring value.

Originally founded in 1985, Amalgam focused on creating fine architectural models for the leading British and German architects of the day, particularly Foster & Partners. They also offered product prototyping services, notably creating parts for the very first Dyson vacuum cleaners. Amalgam has been creating fine model cars since 1995, after their founder Sandy Copeman approached the Jordan Grand Prix and Williams Formula One teams. Ferrari came on board in 1998 and Amalgam has since developed strong and lasting relationships with the most important manufacturers and teams across the world of car manufacturing, motorsport and design. With the precious data from these partners, using skills developed over decades of experience, they honour their history and their DNA, delivering with passion and taste the authentic spirit of each car.

Pre-Order your edition of the race weathered Ferrari 330 P4 here.

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