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Amalgam Unveils Ferrari SF1000 with 1000th GP Livery

Scuderia Ferrari, undoubtedly the most famous team in the sport with 238 race wins and 31 combined titles, reached a significant milestone on September 13th of 2020 when the SF1000 took to the grid of the Gran Premio della Toscana at the Mugello Circuit for the teams 1000th Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc and Sabastian Vettel liveried cars are both available for purchase.

Amalgam’s latest 1:8 scale creation perfectly replicates the car’s unique celebratory livery from its stunning burgundy hue harkening back to the 125 S, to the look of the race numbers which give the impression of being hand painted onto the body work.

“It is an honor and pleasure for everyone at Amalgam to be replicating such an iconic car, for Ferrari,” said Sandy Copeman, Amalgam’s director of brand. “Ferrari shares our passion and commitment to excellence and attention to every minute detail.”

The Ferrari name preceded Formula 1 with its humble pre-war beginnings as the racing division of Alfa Romeo in the hands of Enzo Ferrari, before the first Ferrari, the 125 S, was built in 1947. The inaugural Formula 1 Championship was established in 1950, and Ferrari made their debut at the second race in Monaco. Despite only seven races in 1950 and strong opponents in the dominant Alfa Romeo, it only took until July 1951 for José Froilán González to score Ferrari’s first win, and just one further season for Alberto Ascari to claim their first Drivers’ Championship.

Ferrari were already world renowned by the start of the next decade, claiming the first of its Constructors’ Championships and already its fifth Drivers’ title in 1961. As many Formula 1 teams rose and fell over time, Ferrari continued to adapt and excel, winning a combined 10 titles between 1960 and 1980. Then, the golden era, with Michael Schumacher and technical chief Ross Brawn. Ferrari would secure six straight constructors’ titles from 1999 to 2004, with Schumacher the Drivers’ Champion in all but one of those seasons. In its first 1000 races, 75 drivers have raced for the Scuderia and a further 35 competitors raced privately entered Ferraris. 38 drivers have at least one Grand Prix victory, whilst 9 took up the mantle of World Champion when wearing the famous red race suits.

Amalgam’s stunning 1:8 scale model depicts the Ferrari SF1000 exactly as raced at the Gran Premio della Toscana Ferrari 1000 at the Mugello Circuit on the 13th of September 2020. It has been handcrafted and finished in Amalgam’s workshops with the co-operation and assistance of Scuderia Ferrari regarding the paint finish and full design CAD data for the car. A sample of the finished model has undergone detailed scrutiny by Scuderia Ferrari’s engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation. “We are very proud to have been chosen by Ferrari to help capture in full detail a car that will not be soon forgotten,” adds Copeman.

Pre-Order your 1:8 scaled edition ($9,096.00) of the Ferrari SF1000 – 1000th Grand Prix Livery – 2020 Tuscany Grand Prix/Charles Leclerc.


Amalgam Collection fashions peerless examples of the world’s most famous and coveted cars at scale. Originally founded in 1985, Amalgam focused on creating fine architectural models for the leading British and German architects of the day, particularly Foster & Partners. It also offered product prototyping services, notably creating parts for the very first Dyson vacuum cleaners. Amalgam has been creating fine model cars since 1995 when it has developed strong and lasting relationships with the world’s most important manufacturers and motorsport teams.

Amalgam models are made using the finest quality casting resins. CAD design, 3D printing and CNC machining are combined with traditional machining and hand working techniques to create the world’s most precise, accurate and faithfully detailed models. It can take over 4000 hours to develop a 1:8 scale prototype. Amalgam adopts a no expense spared policy in producing its models, continually striving to reach new levels of craftsmanship, and to create masterpieces of model-making art with enduring value.

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