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Brandoli: Restoration Experts With Answers, Video Tours, Rare Parts and More

The restoration experts at Brandoli Egidio srl in Modena, Italy have decades of experience as restoration professionals for classic cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Restoration Starts with a Question

If you don't know much about them, or would like to know more, their FAQ section is a great place to start, with answers to the following and more:

  • How do you arrive at a quote for a restoration project?

  • Do you offer periodic maintenance services for classic cars?

  • How do you manage spare parts?

Go to the FAQ now.

Video Calls

Get a Live Tour

Exchanging information by e-mail is always useful, but why not talk to each other? Brandoli uses video calls to shorten distances and to improve communication with their customers. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and Meet etc. are all tools they use to connect.

Get in touch with Cecilia and she will take you on a tour of Brandoli.

Parts Archive

The most interesting parts of the month Among the pieces uploaded this month, here are three top features:

Can’t find what you need? Write to them at

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