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Buy Cavallino 240 Direct from Us – Newsstands Suspended. Subscribers, Your Copies Are on the Way!

Newsstand: We have suspended Cavallino on the newsstand. No more copies will be available because of many store closures and no store traffic.

BUT you can buy copies of Cavallino 240 from us for $10.00 with free shipping in the USA, and plus overseas shipping.

Better yet: You can subscribe here and never miss a future issue.

Subscriber issues of 240 (December 1, 2020) are on their way. Here’s what we have for you:

Table of Contents:

750 Monza Resurrected

  • A great short track racer with a great Pebble Beach history. An Appreciation by the legendary Historian trio of Robert Devlin, Michael Lynch & Alan Boe.

Notizie – More Events Show the Colors

  • Concours of Elegance and Salon Privé - Events continue to beat the virus. Full event reports & all Ferrari results – model, chassis numbers, owners, awards.

Book Review

  • A new book on the 312 P, the most beautiful Ferrari sports racing car ever?

Auto Da Corsa Storica

  • The delayed Tour Auto gets it done. Full event report & all Ferrari results – model, chassis numbers, owners.

Moderno - Speciale

  • A ride in the amazing SP2 equals… Freedom! Report from by Christian Rochet.

Moderno - Corse

  • GT & F1 races to date. Reports & full charts from Keith Bluemel.


  • All the latest auction results, on site and online.


  • The latest price evaluations. The Guide is available only in Cavallino magazine and has listings for over 325 individual Ferrari models, with Years Made, Engine Type, Chassis Range, Model Type (Sport, GT, Production, Speciale), Low End/High End Price Estimate, and Arrows indicating Up or Down Movement. To view it on a regular basis, subscribe. You can also purchase the December 1 issue.

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