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Cavallino Classic 2020 Digital Mini-Magazine Now Online

Flip through our coverage of Cavallino 2020!

The 29th Cavallino Classic has passed into history, and we want you to experience all the events of the weekend with this engaging booklet.

The weather was absolutely perfect on all three days, perfect even for a Florida Day, when the sun is just right and casts a nice glow over everything – cars, people, buildings, foliage - perfection. The field on Saturday was packed with happy attendees and a stellar collection of cars. Sunday was just as nice, with classic automobiles in a beautiful old-world Florida setting.

And to round out this unique experience, there were also the track days at PBIR, Tour of Palm Beach, Jet Reception, Symposium, and the evening Socials and Awards Dinners. A snapshot of all can be found in this booklet.

Also, check out the Media Coverage page on the Cavallino Classic website for even more Classic content.

Again, we thank everyone for joining us. Dates for 30th Annual Cavallino Classic will be January 20 to 24, 2021. We shall have a big Anniversary Party, and you are invited.

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